Biological Bases of Behavior

General Information

Required Background

Biological Bases of Behavior (PSB 3002) 3 credits. Prerequisite: General Psychology (PSY 1012) or equivalent.


This course is taught by Professor Dawei W. Dong (email:, phone: 561-297-2326, office: 319 Behavioral Sciences). The teaching assistant will be Mohammad Dastjerdi (email:, phone: 561-297-0112, lab: 314 Behavioral Sciences). If you have any question, I strongly encourage the use of the e-mail address provided above.

Home Page

Some of the information in this course will be disseminated on the World Wide Web. You will need to use a Web browser in order to retrieve this information. The home page for the class is at the URL address The class page also contains feedback form, announcements, reference lists, interesting links to other Web sites, and more.


The course has a required textbook: Physiology of Behavior by Neil R. Carlson. For students who want to learn more about various topics, I recommend three additional reference books: Cognitive Neuroscience: The Biology of the Mind by Michael S. Gazzaniga, Richard B. Ivry, and George R. Mangun; Foundations of Vision by Brian A. Wandell; and The Cognitive Neurosciences by Michael S. Gazzaniga. See the list of Reference Books.

Grading Policy

There will be five quizzes for topics covering the material taught in the lectures and/or covered in the textbook. It is important to read the textbook for a better understanding of the lectures. Each quiz will contribute 20 percent to the final grade. The final grade will be A for 92.5 percent and above, A- for 87.5, B+ for 82.5, B for 77.5, B- for 72.5, C+ for 67.5, C for 62.5. Anything below 62.5 percent is F. It is very unusual for a student who takes the course seriously to fail.

Attendance Policy

Students are required to attend all lectures and take all quizzes at the scheduled class time. For any miss of lecture/quiz, a written statement is required. Any non-emergency circumstances allowed by the university policy (i.e., college sports) must be cleared beforehand with the instructor --- after the fact exceptions will only be granted for extreme circumstances (i.e., accident, death in the family). More than six misses will result in incomplete. One miss without a written statement will result in failing the course.

Office Hours

There will be three office hours per week by the instructor. The time will be Tuesday 2:00pm to 5:00pm. In addition, feel free to drop by and ask me questions; however I am only guaranteed to be available during the scheduled time and I especially encourage the use of email and the web.

Email and Web

Questions about quizzes or administrative details should be sent to the email address listed above. Any special announcement will be posted on the class web page.

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