Connectionists mailing list


Connectionists is a mailing list whose membership is restricted to students, faculty members, and professionals who are actively involved in connectionist research, in order to keep uninformed flaming to a minimum. (Informed flames are of course welcome.)

Requests to have a name added to the list, and similar administrative matters, should be sent to Connectionists-Request@CS.CMU.EDU

The mailing list is intended for discussion of technical issues relating to neural computation, and dissemination of professional announcements and other information relevant to researchers in the field. We particularly encourage people to post the abstracts of their latest papers and tech reports.

Due to the current size of connectionists, we do not examine returned fail messages to determine who is and is not receiving mail successfully. We ask that you contact us if you stop receiving mail. (You should also contact us if you do not start receiving mail.) Connectionists sends out more than a message a week, so if you do not receive mail for ONE WEEK, send mail to with your full name, address, and where you are receiving mail. This last we need in case you are on a redistribution list.

We also ask that if your account is about to expire or you are moving to please contact us at the same address so that we can remove or update your address.


To keep the traffic on the CONNECTIONISTS mailing list to a minimum, we ask that you take special care not to send inappropriate mail to the list.

Some Notes About Connectionists